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~December 2018 / Under Construction~



  1. Paradise Lost -- On Trial
    By Dr. Lisa A. Celovsky, Suffolk University

  2. Thinking Rhetorically and Seriously in the British Literature Survey
    By Dr. Andrew Black, Murray State University

Man with Pitcher


Short Essays: Teaching Non-Traditional Texts

  1. Addressing Social Violence in Dame Ragnell and Carlisle through Sports
    By Prof. Maia Farrar, University of Michigan

  2. The Tournament of Tottenham: Don't Tell the Dean
    By Dr. Linda Marie Zaerr, Boise State University


A Horse of A Different Color: Unique Resources

  1. Cooking in the Archives: A Roundup of Resources and a Review of Cooking in the Archives
    By Dr. Colleen Kennedy, archivist at Iowa City Public Library



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