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~About This Journal~

This Rough Magic was co-founded in 2009 by Michael Boecherer and Bente Videbaek.

We are proudly listed on / indexed in the following:

We are an open access journal (ISSN: 2153-2710) seeking academic, teachable articles. Essays could focus on, but are not limited to, the following categories:


This project reflects the thought and labor of many individuals. Countless hours have gone into making this journal, and countless more will go into growing it even further. Great thanks go to all who have contributed - authors, editors, and readers alike. Without you, this project would not be what it is: a free resource that one may use inside the classroom.

What follows is a list of individuals who have had an impact in shaping and/or building this project:

Clifford Huffman, Benedict Robinson, Bente Videbaek, Pat Belanoff, Peter Manning, Cynthia Eaton Tvelia, Ken Lindblom, Kristen Abbott Bennett, Jean Nicolas Pestieau, Susan Crane-Laracuente, Audrey DeLong, Sarah Enloe, Ralph Cohen, Andrew Fleck, Louise Geddes, Adam Hansen, Douglas Hayes, Adam Kitzes, Denise Walen, Todd Lidh, Christopher Morrow, Sherri Olson, Kisha Tracy, John Sexton, Renée Pigeon, Andrew Gurr, Anne Boecherer, A. Carl Boecherer III, Brian Boecherer, Victoria Boecherer, and Nora Boecherer.

To all who have contributed - and continue to contribute - thank you and enjoy.

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