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Click on the following categories for more information on a variety of information relating to Arthur:

Arthuriana Pedagogy

This site is simply a treasure trove of information. Syllabi, paper topics, study questions, and much more can be found here.


The Malory Project

This is more than simply a digital copy of Malory's text, Morte Darthur. The site provides readers with a facsimile of the Winchester Manuscript and Caxton's first edition. An amazing resource for those looking to do research with original text.


The Lancelot-Graal Project

Interested in Lancelot? What about a place that focuses on the oldest surviving text looking into Lancelot's beginnings? This is the place for you.


The Cotton Nero A.x. Project

Brought to you by international scholars working in consultation with the British Library, The Cotton Nero A.x. Project digitizes the only known manuscript of text containing the following medieval poems: Pearl, Cleanness, Patience, and - finally - Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. High quality manuscript photos of these texts are available to the all - complete with explanatory notes and commentary.


The Camelot Project

Brought to you by the University of Rochester, The Camelot Project is a high quality digital repository providing visitors with visualizations of characters found within the Arthurian saga.


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