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This Rough Magic is a free, open-access journal dedicated to the art of teaching Medieval and Renaissance Literature. We are seeking academic, teachable articles.

We do not charge authors for their work, nor do we retain copyright information for the essays we publish. Authors retain the rights to their own work.

In addition, all submissions are given blind reads. All submissions must carry assurance that they have not been published elsewhere, and that they have been submitted exclusively to This Rough Magic. Edited texts should be in old-spelling with introduction, textual variants, and annotations each printed separately.

Article submissions, normally 15-35 pages, must follow The MLA Handbook (current edition).

Short essay submissions, normally 5 pages, must follow The MLA Handbook (current edition). Short essays should encourage readers to try non-traditional, over-looked, teachable texts inside their classrooms. Essays should answer the following:

Book reviews, normally 2 to 3 pages, must follow The MLA Handbook (current edition).

Those wishing to submit to This Rough Magic can begin the process by sending an electronic copy (.pdf or .doc) of their essay to the following individual:

Michael Boecherer

As part of the publishing process we ask that you, the author, acknowledge that the Article has been submitted to This Rough Magic for publication. Then, and only then, will your essay be considered. Essays accepted by This Rough Magic will be publicly posted to this website with the assurance that proper credit will be given to the author. Essays posted to This Rough Magic can only be removed from the website at the discretion of the Editors.


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